Blue Nude Collection

     The Blue Nude Series is a continuing series of jewel-like, small nude studies of the human form.  They are spontaneous, lush and vivid - like fleeting youthfulness.  For several years, I have been facilitating a weekly, evening “life drawing” session.  Life figure drawing is an age-old practice for artists to enhance their skills and knowledge of human anatomy.

     A couple of years ago, I started painting (instead of drawing) the figure during the longer poses mainly because I wanted to use up the extra oil paint that was leftover on the palette from the day’s work. I started experimenting with background color by prepping unique bright colored panels that I would use.  Over time, I found a specific shade of blue to be the magical color that most appealed to me.  The complimentary relation of the flesh color on blue and the high contrast, sunset-like lighting gives a sense of the preciousness and transitory nature of the human form. 



Blue, period: Carrie Jadus at PORTSPACE

- Cathy Salustri for Creative Loafing


​ - Lennie Bennett for Tampa Bay Times