Carrie Jadus creates a painting inspired by a poem in "Synesthesia"- a one day show where artists, writers, dancers, and performers gather together to inspire each others work at Studio@620. 

Read the full review and article by David Warner here on Tampa Bay's Creative Loafing website.

August 2016

March 2016

Creative Loafing Magazine

David Warner

Original Artwork flyer by Carrie Jadus

Read Lennie Bennet's review of Blue Nudes


Bay Magazine

Photographs and Concept by John Pendygraft

Creative Loafing Magazine

Cathy Salustri

February 2012

Tampa Bay Times

Lennie Bennet

Read Cathy Salustri's review of Blue Nudes HERE.

September 2008

Tampa Bay Times

Lennie Bennet

Carrie Jadus' artwork captures scenes of St. Petersburg 09/24/08 [Last modified: Wednesday, September 24, 2008 4:30am]
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Mahaffey Theater

Bill DeYoung


Candy Lenderman

FOWI commissioned Carrie Jadus to paint a mural representing the natural beauty and archaeological history of Weedon Island.

Tampa Bay Times

Lennie Bennet

June 2014

May 2015


Artist Carrie Jadus, St. Petersburg works on a mural called "Resonance," which shows the portrait of inventor Nikola Tesla, known for his design of the alternating current electrical supply system. The mural is on the east side of the CreativeGenius headquarters, currently under construction in St. Petersburg at 2232 5th Ave. South.

August 2015

"Jadus sees St. Pete cityscapes and beach scenes with the eye of an impressionist – and the results are breathtaking."
-- The Mahaffey Theater

Read this great interview with Carrie by Bill DeYoung on The Mahaffey Theater Blog in conjunction with her Exhibit, "City As Muse... and Other Works" on display in the Theater's Northern Trust VIP Member Club, held over through June 1. 


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