Are You my Mother?

In 2015, I was invited to participate in a collaboration called, The Motherhood Project. It was an opportunity to create work that focused on the significance of motherhood in our society. I created a study of 'Are you my Mother?' and the piece hung in my studio for over a year. During that time, I took note of the engaging and controversial conversations it would spark. It’s interesting how art has a way of revealing more about the viewer’s perspective than the artist’s, and the amalgamation of the fetus with the one hundred-dollar bill together evoked a range of emotional reactions and interpretations. In 2017, the opportunity arose for me to create a mural for the ArtsXchange in the Warehouse Arts District in coordination with its grand opening—or “birth”. I immediately knew that this was the image I wanted to use, and 'Are you my Mother?' was born.

In my work I typically have a significant or moving experience that naturally translates into a mental image (i.e. experience→image). I immediately sketch it out, and eventually it manifests into a finished painting. I try to seize moments of what I believe it means to be human, and attempt to render that in my work. On rare occasion, this process works in reverse (i.e. image→realization). When I am relaxed and open—suddenly and seemingly without suggestion—an image sometimes comes to me. I consider these ethereal visions. They are unmistakably clear, powerful and impossible for me to ignore until they are transferred into a physical form. 'Are you my Mother?' is an image such as this. I am glad to have had the opportunity to create this piece in a public space where it may evoke contemplation and conversation.

Sky 2017

Florida Aquarium, Tampa,FL

Awakening Bodhisattve - 2020

Grand Central Brewhouse(Next to The Dog Bar)

2300 Central Avenue, St Petersburg, FL

Are You My Mother - 2017

Arts Xchange Building -

Pinellas Trail  515 22nd St. S.

Gulf Aquarium First Unity Children's Center Mural


Unified - 2017

2017 - United Nations - Florida Chapter

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Last Call - 2020

Grand Central Brewhouse

2340 Central Avenue, St Petersburg

A Glimpse Through the Mangrove - 2014
Weedon Island Cultural and Natural History Center

1800 Weedon Island Drive NE

Carrie Jadus 

​"Resonance" Nikola Tesla Mural - 2015

​Shine Mural 2015
2232 5th Ave S, 
St. Petersburg, FL 33712​​