Carrie Jadus 

"Gulf Spirit"

​Carrie Jadus, Mark Aeling, MGA Sculpture Studio & Christopher Still
Metal Sculpture

This Public Art Commission was awarded to MGA by Broward County Public Arts for Terminal 2 at the Port Everglades facility in Fort Lauderdale, FL. The sea rays swim down the wall, guiding passengers to their new destination in the Caribbean.

Commissioned by The Florida Aquarium for its main entry lobby. It includes its own fully programmable LED lighting system and curves with the building's unique interior, while also functioning as a donor wall. The birds and fish in the sculpture are available to purchase for inscription and sized to indicate a specific level of donation.  Click here for information about making a donation.

"Rays of Light"

​Carrie Jadus, Mark Aeling, & MGA Sculpture Studio


 "Gulf Spirit" is collaborative by construction and design. The massive metal grouper made up of a variety of other marine life, was designed for the entrance of the Opal Sands Resort restaurant, Sea Guini. Sea Guini offers a tropical twist on sea food-centric Italian dining. "Gulf Spirit," symbolizes the restaurant's focus on

fresh-off-the-boat ingredients. 

"Ripples of Life"

Carrie Jadus, Mark Aeling, & MGA Sculpture Studio

Aluminum, Acrylic, LED Lighting
10" x 70"

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