Carrie Jadus 

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Artist Statement

A painting is an account of life, a narrative. It embodies the slow heat rising off the pavements, the watery reflections of the universe, and the shaky essence of a soul. As an artist I manifest these truths in my art, and I aim to ignite the imagination of others with the reflections of the physical world.  My use of Impressionism stems from a post-colligate jaunt to Europe where I finally understood the relaxed, snapshot-like momentary occurrence of a sunset or facial expression.  It inspired me to express the shards of reality like the transient light over the ocean or the candid the heartbeat of the city streets. Similar to an extension of my arm, the paintbrush flows as effortlessly as the colors in a warm summer current in the Gulf.  A finished piece is the artistic equivalent to a solved equation—suddenly it’s clear and coherent on the canvas before me.  All the colors and forms come together in a gradual but clear impression.


Though the painting is of importance to me, it is crucial for the viewers to distinguish their own significance to the image. There in lies my hope, for those who observe my work to experience their own visual anecdote.